Comparison of scientific SCIAMACHY products with ground-based measurements

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Measurements taken in the framework of the Ground-Based Measurements and Campaign Database Subgroup (GBMCD) of the Atmospheric Chemistry Validation Team (ACVT) are compared to selected preliminary results of scientific algorithms to determine atmospheric parameters from measurements of SCIAMACHY. Presented are comparisons with algorithms to determine NO2 total column, CH4 and CO total columns, ozone profiles from limb and detection of PMCs. NO2 total columns are compared with three ground-based DOAS stations. Three algorithms to determine CH4 and CO total columns are compared with FTIR measurements taken at Kiruna, Ny-Ålesund and Jungfraujoch. First limb ozone profiles are compared with ozone sondes from Ny-Ålesund, Hohenpeißenberg, and Neumayer station (Antarctica) and Lidar measurements from Lauder. A method for detecting polar mesospheric clouds from limb measurements is compared to the observation of noctilucent clouds with the UBonn Lidar at the Esrange near Kiruna. All results show the potential of SCIAMACHY to detect the anticipated and even further products.

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Bramstedt, K. , Buchwitz, M. , Blum, U. , Blumenstock, T. , Frankenberg, C. , Mazière, M. , Richter, A. , Savigny, C. , Schrivjer, H. , Schulz, A. , Steinbrecht, W. , Swart, D. and von der Gathen, P. (2003): Comparison of scientific SCIAMACHY products with ground-based measurements , Proceedings of the Envisat Validation Workshop,Frascati, ItalyDecember 2002. (SP-531, ESA Publication Division), 9 .

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