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De Mazière, M. , Coosemans, T. , Barret, B. , Blumenstock, T. , Griesfeller, A. , Demoulin, P. , Fast, H. , Griffith, D. , Jones, N. , Mahieu, E. , Mellqvist, J. , Mittermeier, R. L. , Notholt, J. , Rinsland, C. , Schulz, A. , Smale, D. , Strandberg, A. , Sussmann, R. , Wood, S. and Buchwitz, M. (2003): Validation of ENVISAT-1 Level-2 Products related to lower Atmosphere O3 and NOy Chemistry by an FTIR Quasi-Global Network , Proceedings of the Envisat Validation Workshop <9-13 December 2002, Frascati, Italy>, (ESA SP-531), ESA Publication Division. .

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