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Volz, J. B. ORCID:, Haffert, L. , Haeckel, M. ORCID:, Koschinsky, A. ORCID: and Kasten, S. ORCID: (2020)
Impact of small-scale disturbances on geochemical conditions, biogeochemical processes and element fluxes in surface sediments of the eastern Clarion-Clipperton Zone, Pacific Ocean ,
Biogeosciences, 17 (4), pp. 1113-1131 .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.0ccbd38a-c8a0-4c47-a874-d5fa6d44d51b

Conference -Poster
Otte, J. M. ORCID:, Volz, J. B. ORCID:, Molari, M. ORCID:, Yapan, B. C. , Janssen, F. ORCID: and Wenzhoefer, F. ORCID: (2020)
Microbial communities of the deep seafloor sediment and manganese nodules from the Eastern Pacific ,
Ocean Sciences Meeting, San Diego, 16 February 2020 - 21 February 2020 .

Boebel, O. ORCID:, Pacini, A. , Owen, K. , Noad, M. , Michel, H. , Lanfredi, C. , Holst, M. , Davis, A. , Cammareri, A. , Bennett, L. , Beland, J. , Burkhardt, E. , Richter, S. , Flau, M. , Smith, H. R. and Zitterbart, D. P. (2020)
Scaling the Laws of Thermal Imaging–Based Whale Detection ,
Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, 37 (5), pp. 807-824 .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.6f13adf9-f6e1-4516-b5a8-bb0e9afbe2bf

Gillard, B. , Purkiani, K. , Chatzievangelou, D. , Vink, A. , Iversen, M. ORCID: and Thomsen, L. (2019)
Physical and hydrodynamic properties of deep sea mining-generated, abyssal sediment plumes in the Clarion Clipperton Fracture Zone (eastern-central Pacific) ,
Elementa, 7 (1) .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.db751ae6-71cb-4c04-87da-e7fc718436a1

Wittmann, A. C. ORCID:, Benrabaa, S. A. M. , Lopez-Ceron, D. A. and Chang, E. S. (2018)
Effects of temperature on survival, moulting, and expression of neuropeptide and mTOR signalling genes in juvenile Dungeness crab (Metacarcinus magister) ,
Journal of Experimental Biology, 221 , jeb187492 .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.a405f3f9-ee10-426c-ac41-5f58a6533fee

Conference -Poster
Hauquier, F. , Macheriotou, L. , Bezerra, T. N. , Egho, G. , Martínez Arbizu, P. , Janssen, F. ORCID: and Vanreusel, A. (2018)
Meiofaunal communities in the Clarion-Clipperton Zone: geographic distribution and link with environmental conditions ,
Deep-Sea Biology Symposium, Monterey, California, USA, 10 September 2018 - 14 September 2018 .

Martinez-Lopez, B. , Quintanar, A. I. , Cabos-Narvaez, W. D. , Gay-Garcia, C. and Sein, D. ORCID: (2018)
Nonlinear Trends and Non-Stationary Oscillations as Extracted from Annual Accumulated Precipitation at Mexico City ,
Earth and Space Science .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.5ebef1e7-a44c-4e2c-8f2a-522c63933bfb

Maier, E. ORCID:, Zhang, X. ORCID:, Abelmann-Gersonde, A. , Gersonde, R. , Mulitza, S. , Werner, M. ORCID:, Méheust, M. , Ren, J. , Chapligin, B. , Meyer, H. ORCID:, Stein, R. ORCID:, Tiedemann, R. ORCID: and Lohmann, G. ORCID: (2018)
North Pacific freshwater events linked to changes in glacial ocean circulation ,
Nature, 559 , pp. 241-245 .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.2db5f759-e970-4e41-bee9-387e501c37c3

Guevara Campoverde, N. C. , Hassenrück, C. , Buttigieg, P. L. ORCID: and Gärdes, A. (2018)
Characterization of bacterioplankton communities and quantification of organic carbon pools off the Galapagos Archipelago under contrasting environmental conditions ,
PeerJ, 6 , e5984 .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.4c5897f3-53ca-4807-9c8f-9e0c489edbe8

Taylor, B. J. , Rae, J. W. , Gray, W. R. , Darling, K. F. , Burke, A. , Gersonde, R. , Abelmann, A. , Maier, E. ORCID:, Esper, O. ORCID: and Ziveri, P. (2018)
Distribution and ecology of planktic foraminifera in the North Pacific: Implications for paleo-reconstructions ,
Quaternary Science Reviews, 191 , pp. 256-274 .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.3a5c3f16-ff63-4e68-a5d6-b49813b33637

Conference -Poster
Versteegh, G. , Kuhn, T. , Koschinsky, A. , Villinger, H. , Dohrmann, I. , Filsmair, C. , Fronzek, J. , Hartmann, J. , Kleint, C. , Preuss, I. , Ritter, S. and Kasten, S. ORCID: (2017)
Natural variability of sediment geochemistry in the Clarion - Clipperton Zone: The role of oxygen diffusion from the oceanic crust into overlying sediments ,
JPI Oceans – MiningImpact Final meeting, Natural History Museum, London, UK, 18 October 2017 - 20 October 2017 .

Conference -Poster
Versteegh, G. J. M. , Kuhn, T. , Koschinsky, A. , Villinger, H. , Dohrmann, I. , Filsmair, C. , Fronzek, J. , Hartmann, J. , Kleint, C. , Preuss, I. , Ritter, S. and Kasten, S. ORCID: (2017)
Widespread diffusion of oxygen from oceanic crust into overlying sediments in the NE Pacific Ocean Geochemical consequences and significance for biogeochemical cycles (RV Sonne Cruise SO240 - FLUM). ,
SONNE-Statusseminar, Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg, 14 February 2017 - 15 February 2017 .

Conference -Talk
Janssen, F. ORCID:, van Oevelen, D. and JPIO Mining Impact, W. T. (2017)
Biogeochemistry and ecosystem functioning of nodule fields (JPIO Mining Impact WP3) ,
JPIO MiningImpact Annual Meeting, Bremen, Germany, 13 February 2017 - 15 February 2017 .

Thomsen, L. , Aguzzi, J. , Costa, C. , De Leo, F. , Ogston, A. and Purser, A. (2017)
The Oceanic Biological Pump: Rapid carbon transfer to depth at Continental Margins during Winter ,
Scientific Reports, 7 (1) .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.12e443bb-55f9-4d9a-b816-84ee16266d1a

Conference -Conference paper
Chatzievangelou, D. , Thomsen, L. , Purser, A. , Doya, C. , Aguzzi, J. , Schwendner, J. , Duda, A. , Best, M. M. R. , De Leo, F. and Juniper, K. (2016)
5 Year-long Monitoring of Barkley Canyon Cold-seeps with the Internet Operated Deep-sea Crawler “Wally” ,
7th MARTECH workshop on marine technology, Barcelona, Spain, 26 October 2016 - 28 October 2016 .

Mogollón, J. M. , Mewes, K. and Kasten, S. ORCID: (2016)
Quantifying manganese and nitrogen cycle coupling in manganese-rich, organic carbon-starved marine sediments: Examples from the Clarion-Clipperton fracture zone ,
Geophysical Research Letters, 43 .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.48189

Mewes, K. , Mogollón, J. M. , Picard, A. , Rühlemann, C. , Eisenhauer, A. , Kuhn, T. , Ziebis, W. and Kasten, S. ORCID: (2016)
Diffusive transfer of oxygen from seamount basaltic crust into overlying sediments: An example from the Clarion-Clipperton Fracture Zone ,
Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 433 , pp. 215-225 .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.46522

Bertolucci, C. , Chatzievangelou, D. , Doya, C. , Thomsen, L. , Purser, A. and Aguzzi, J. (2016)
High-Frequency Patterns in the Abundance of Benthic Species near a Cold-Seep – An Internet Operated Vehicle Application ,
PLOS ONE, 11 (10), e0163808 .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.49650

Koenigstein, S. , Mark, F. C. ORCID:, Gößling-Reisemann, S. , Reuter, H. and Pörtner, H. O. ORCID: (2016)
Modelling climate change impacts on marine fish populations: process-based integration of ocean warming, acidification and other environmental drivers ,
Fish and Fisheries, n/a-n/a .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.47453

Thesis -Bachelor
Filsmair, C. (2016)
Sediments of the Clarion-Clipperton Fracture Zone - primary and diagenetic signals ,
Bachelor thesis, University of Bremen.

Conference -Poster
Holle, K. , Mykles, D. L. and Wittmann, A. ORCID: (2015)
Effects of temperature and molting on gene expression in the heart of juvenile Dungeness crab, Metacarcinus magister ,
Celebrate Undergraduate Research and Creativity (CURC), Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO, USA, April 2015 - April 2015 .

Tremblay, N. ORCID: and Abele, D. ORCID: (2015)
Response of three krill species to hypoxia and warming: An experimental approach to oxygen minimum zones expansion in coastal ecosystems ,
Marine Ecology-An Evolutionary Perspective .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.45229

Conference -Talk
Moy, C. , Addison, J. , Finney, B. , Bahlburg, H. , Childress, L. , Cowan, E. , Forwick, M. , Müller, J. ORCID:, Ribeiro, F. and Ridgway, K. (2014)
Late Pleistocene biogenic sedimentation in the Gulf of Alaska: A biogeochemical perspective from IODP Expedition 341 ,
AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA, USA, 14 December 2014 - 19 December 2014 .

Conference -Poster
Müller, J. ORCID:, Romero, O. , McClymont, E. L. , Stein, R. ORCID: and Fahl, K. ORCID: (2014)
Palaeoenvironmental conditions in the Gulf of Alaska (NE Pacific) during the Mid Pleistocene Transition ,
AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA, USA, 14 December 2014 - 19 December 2014 .

Castro-Morales, K. , Macias-Zamora, J. , Canino-Herrera, S. R. and Burke, R. A. (2014)
Dissolved methane concentration and flux in the coastal zone of the Southern California Bight-Mexican sector: Possible influence of wastewater ,
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 144 , pp. 65-74 .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.43822

Serno, S. , Winckler, G. , Anderson, R. F. , Hayes, C. T. , Ren, H. , Gersonde, R. and Haug, G. H. (2014)
Using the natural spatial pattern of marine productivity in the Subarctic North Pacific to evaluate paleoproductivity proxies ,
Paleoceanography, 29 (5), pp. 438-453 .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.43982

Thesis -PhD
Tremblay, N. (2014)
Tolerance mechanisms and responses of krill species of different latitudes to oxygen minimum zones ,
PhD thesis, Universität Bremen.

Hayes, C. T. , Anderson, R. F. , Fleisher, M. Q. , Serno, S. , Winckler, G. and Gersonde, R. (2014)
Biogeography in 231Pa/230Th ratios and a balanced 231Pa budget for the Pacific Ocean ,
Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 391 , pp. 307-318 .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.43919

Conference -Poster
Jesberger, H. , Mykles, D. L. and Wittmann, A. ORCID: (2014)
Cloning Crustacean Hyperglycaemic Hormone (CHH) in the Dungeness Crab, Metacarcinus magister ,
Celebrate Undergraduate Research and Creativity (CURC), Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO, USA, April 2014 - April 2014 .

Thesis -Master
Wünsch, U. (2014)
Seasonal variability of dissolved organic matter in the Columbia River: In situ sensors elucidate spectroscopic and spectrometric analyses ,
Master thesis, University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven.

Conference -Poster
Fischer, D. , Bohrmann, G. , Pape, T. , Klapp, S. A. , Enzmann, F. , Kuhs, W. F. and Huthwelker, T. (2014)
Sub-millimeter structure and internal architecture of ODP 204 (Hydrate Ridge) gas hydrates revealed by Synchroton Radiation X-Ray Cryo-Tomographic Microscopy (SRXCTM) ,
IODP / ICDP Kolloquium, Erlangen, Germany, 2014 - unspecified .

Thesis -Master
Harding, K. (2014)
Thermophilic Consortia Involving HotSeep-1
Master thesis,

Conference -Talk
Wittmann, A. C. ORCID: (2013)
Environmental change and the physiological performance of crabs ,
Bodega Marine Laboratory Research Seminar, Bodega Bay, CA, USA .

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