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Perez-Rodriguez, E. , Aguilera, J. , Gómez, I. and Figueroa, F. L. (2001)
Excretion of coumarins by the Mediterranean green alga Dasycladus vermicularis in response to environmental stress ,
Marine biology, 139 , pp. 633-639 .

Figueroa, F. L. and Gómez, I. (2001)
Photosynthetic acclimation to solar UV radiation of marine red algae from the warm-temperate coast of southern Spain: A review ,
Journal of applied phycology, 13, 3 , pp. 233-245 .

Wiencke, C. , Gómez, I. , Pakker, H. , Flores-Moya, A. , Altamirano, M. , Hanelt, D. , Bischof, K. and Figueroa, F. L. (2000)
Impact of UV-radiation on viability, photosynthetic characteristics and DNA on brown algal zoospores: Implications for depth zonation ,
Marine ecology-progress series, 197 , pp. 217-229 .

Aguilera, J. , Gordillo, M. , Karsten, U. , Figueroa, F. L. and Niell, F. X. (2000)
Light quality effect on photosynthesis and efficiency of carbon assimilation in the red alga Porphyra leucosticta. ,
Journal of Plant Physiology 157, pp. 86-92 .

Gómez, I. , Perez-Rodríguez, E. , Vinegla, B. , Figueroa, F. L. and Karsten, U. (1998)
Effects of solar radiation on photosynthesis, UV-absorbing compounds and enzyme activities of the green alga Dasycladus vermicularis from southern Spain ,
Journal of photochemistry and photobiology b-biology, 47 , pp. 46-57 .

Flores-Moya, A. , Gómez, I. , Vinegla, B. , Altamirano, M. , Perez-Rodriguez, E. , Maestre, C. , Caballero, R. M. and Figueroa, F. L. (1998)
Effects of solar radiation on the endemic Mediterranean red alga Rissoella verruculosa: photosynthetic performance, pigment content and the activities of enzymes related to nutrient uptake ,
New phytologist, 139 , pp. 673-683 .

Karsten, U. , Sawall, T. , Hanelt, D. , Bischof, K. , Figueroa, F. L. , Flores-Moya, A. and Wiencke, C. (1998)
An inventory of UV-absorbing mycosporine-like amino acids in macroalgae from polar to warm-temperate regions ,
Botanica Marina 41, pp. 443-445 .

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