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Campbell, K. , Lange, B. A. , Landy, J. C. , Katlein, C. ORCID:, Nicolaus, M. ORCID:, Anhaus, P. ORCID:, Matero, I. , Gradinger, R. , Charette, J. , Duerksen, S. , Tremblay, P. , Rysgaard, S. , Tranter, M. , Haas, C. ORCID: and Michel, C. (2022)
Net heterotrophy in High Arctic first-year and multi-year spring sea ice ,
Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene, 10 (1) .
doi:10.1525/elementa.2021.00040 , hdl:10013/epic.4f542f3b-d016-42ae-b488-33738f82f337
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Hop, H. , Vihtakari, M. , Bluhm, B. A. , Assmy, P. , Poulin, M. , Gradinger, R. , Peeken, I. ORCID:, Von Quillfeldt, C. , Olson, L. M. and Zhitina, L. (2020)
Changes in sea-ice protist diversity with declining sea ice in the Arctic Ocean from the 1980s to 2010s ,
Frontiers in Marine Science, (7), p. 243 .
doi:10.3389/fmars.2020.00243 , hdl:10013/epic.d2133aac-9f62-4c9b-844a-f3cf8561b784
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Leu, E. , Mundy, C. , Assmy, P. , Campbell, K. , Gabrielsen, T. , Gosselin, M. , Juul-Pedersen, T. and Gradinger, R. (2015)
Arctic spring awakening – Steering principles behind the phenology of vernal ice algal blooms ,
Progress in Oceanography, 139 , pp. 151-170 .
doi:10.1016/j.pocean.2015.07.012 , hdl:10013/epic.46853

Schiel, S. , Dieckmann, G. , Gradinger, R. , Melnikov, I. A. , Spindler, M. and Thomas, D. N. (2001)
Meiofauna in sea ice of the Weddell Sea (Antarctica) ,
Polar Biology, 24 , pp. 724-728 .
doi:10.1007/s003000100273 , hdl:10013/epic.15513

Peinert, P. , Bauerfeind, E. , Gradinger, R. , Haupt, O. , Krumbholz, M. , Peeken, I. ORCID:, von Bodungen, B. , Werner, I. and Zeitschel, B. (2001)
Particle sources and vertical flux in the seasonally ice-covered Greenland Sea. ,
In: P. Schäfer, W. Ritzrau, M. Schlüter and J. Thiede (Eds.), Springer Verlag, Heidelberg, 69 - 79 .

Mock, T. and Gradinger, R. (1999)
Determination of Arctic ice algal production with a new in situ incubation technique ,
Marine ecology-progress series, 177 , pp. 15-26 .

Wang, Z. , Dieckmann, G. and Gradinger, R. (1997)
Ecology of newly formed sea ice in the Weddell Sea, Antarctica I. Chlorophyll a and nutrients ,
Chinese J Polar Sci, 8 (1), pp. 18-26 .

Schiel, S. , Thomas, D. , Dieckmann, G. , Eicken, H. , Gradinger, R. , Spindler, M. , Weissenberger, J. , Mizdalski, E. and Beyer, K. (1995)
Life cycle strategy of the Antarctic calanoid copepod Stephos longipes ,
Progress in oceanography, 36 , pp. 45-75 .

Kurbjeweit, F. , Gradinger, R. and Weissenberger, J. (1993)
The life cycle of Stephos longipes - an example for cryopelagic coupling in the Weddell Sea (Antarctica) ,
Mar Ecol Prog Ser, 98 , pp. 255-262 .

Gradinger, R. , Spindler, M. and Weissenberger, J. (1992)
On the structure and development of Arctic pack ice communities in Fram Strait, a multivariate approach ,
Polar Biol, 12 , pp. 727-733 .

Gradinger, R. and Lenz, J. (1992)
Picocyanobacteria: seasonal occurrence in the high Arctic Greenland Sea ,
Mar Ecol Prog Ser .

Weissenberger, J. , Dieckmann, G. , Gradinger, R. and Spindler, M. (1992)
Sea ice a cast technique to examine and analyze brine pockets and channel structure ,
Limnology and oceanography, 37 (1), pp. 179-183 .

Gradinger, R. , Weisse, T. and Pillen, T. (1992)
Significance of picocyanobacteria in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden ,
Bot Mar, 35 , pp. 245-250 .

Gradinger, R. , Spindler, M. and Henschel, D. (1991)
Development of Arctic sea-ice organisms under graded snow cover ,
Polar Res, 10 (1), pp. 295-307 .

Hirche, H. J. , Baumann, M. E. M. , Kattner, G. and Gradinger, R. (1991)
Plankton distribution and the impact of copepod grazing on primary production in Fram Strait, Greenland Sea ,
Journal of Marine Systems, 2 , pp. 477-494 .

Nöthig, E. M. ORCID:, Bathmann, U. , Jennings, J. C. J. , Fahrbach, E. , Gradinger, R. , Gordon, L. I. and Makarov, R. (1991)
Regional relationships between biological and hydrographical properties in the Weddell Gyre in late austral winter 1989 ,
Marine Chemistry, 35 , pp. 325-336 .


Bluhm, B. A. , Gradinger, R. and Schiel, S. (2009)
Sea Ice Meio- and Macrofauna ,
In: Sea Ice - an Introduction to its Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Geology, 2nd edition. Eds. Thomas, D. and Dieckmann, G. .

Peinert, P. , Bauerfeind, E. , Gradinger, R. , Haupt, O. , Krumbholz, M. , Peeken, I. ORCID:, von Bodungen, B. , Ramseier, R. O. , Voss, M. and Zeitschel, B. (2001)
Particle flux variability in the Polar and Atlantic biogeochemical provinces of the GIN Seas ,
In: P. Schäfer, W. Ritzrau, M.Schlüter and J. Thiede (Eds.), Springer Verlag, Heidelberg 68. .

Eicken, H. , Weissenberger, J. , Bussmann, I. ORCID:, Freitag, J. ORCID:, Schuster, W. , Delgado, F. V. , Evers, K. , Jochmann, P. , Krembs, C. , Gradinger, R. , Lindemann, F. , Cottier, F. , Hall, R. , Wadhams, P. , Reisemann, M. , Kuosa, H. , Ikävalko, J. , Leonard, G. H. , Shen, H. , Ackley, S. and Smedsrud, L. H. (1998)
Ice-tank studies of physical and biological sea-ice processes, in ,
Ice in surface waters, H. Shen, Editor. , Balkema: Rotterdam .

Schalk, P. H. , Brey, T. ORCID:, Bathmann, U. , Arntz, W. , Gerdes, D. , Dieckmann, G. , Ekau, W. , Gradinger, R. , Plötz, J. , Nöthig, E. M. ORCID:, Schiel, S. , Siegel, V. , Smetacek, V. and van Franeker, J. A. (1993)
Towards a conceptual model for the Weddell Sea ecosystem, Antarctica ,
Christiansen, V., Pauly, D. (eds). Trophic models of aquatic ecosystems. ICLARM Conference proceedings, ICLARM, Manila .


Thesis -PhD
Gradinger, R. (1990)
Zur Bedeutung des Pico- und Nanoplanktons in polaren Regionen am Beispiel der Grönländischen See ,
PhD thesis, Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät der Christian-Albrechts-Universität Kiel, Gemany, Diss..
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Conference -Talk
Gardner, J. , Assmy, P. , Fong, A. , Niehoff, B. ORCID:, Waite, A. , Nöthig, E. M. ORCID:, Hoppe, C. ORCID:, Engel, A. , Rogge, A. ORCID:, Chen, J. , Ren, J. , Jin, H. , Zhuang, J. , Lan, M. , Jianfeng, H. , Flores, H. ORCID:, Havermans, C. ORCID:, Wollenburg, J. ORCID:, Olsen, L. , Iversen, M. ORCID:, Müller, O. , Geibert, W. ORCID:, Reigstad, M. and Gradinger, R. (2022)
Particle dynamics and vertical fluxesin in the central Arctic Ocean during the MOSAiC expedition ,
International MOSAiC Science Conference, Potsdam, Germany, 25 April 2022 - 29 April 2022 .

Conference -Poster
Fong, A. , Hoppe, C. ORCID:, Gradinger, R. and the, e. E. t. (2022)
A Year in the Central Arctic Ocean - An Overview of the MOSAiC ECO(system) core research program ,
International MOSAiC Science Conference, Potsdam, Germany, 25 April 2022 - 29 April 2022 .

Conference -Conference paper
Eicken, H. , Gradinger, R. , Ivanov, B. and Makshtas, A. (1996)
Surface melt puddles on multi-year sea ice in the Eurasian Arctic. World Climate Research Programme WCRP-94 ,
Proc of the ACSYS Conference on the Dynamics of the Arctic Climate System, Göteborg, SwedenWMO/TD No 760 .


Zhang, Q. , Gradinger, R. and Spindler, M. (1998)
Dark Survival of Marine Microalgae in the High Arctic (Greenland Sea) ,
Polarforschung, Bremerhaven, Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research & German Society of Polar Research, 65 (3), pp. 111-116 .
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