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Kharbush, J. J. , Close, H. G. , Van Mooy, B. A. S. , Arnosti, C. , Smittenberg, R. H. , Le Moigne, F. A. C. , Mollenhauer, G. ORCID:, Scholz-Böttcher, B. , Obreht, I. , Koch, B. P. ORCID:, Becker, K. W. , Iversen, M. H. ORCID: and Mohr, W. (2020)
Particulate Organic Carbon Deconstructed: Molecular and Chemical Composition of Particulate Organic Carbon in the Ocean ,
Frontiers in Marine Science, 7 .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.dc87f9cb-0d52-41e9-88c3-188b5cc070ac

Seifert, M. ORCID:, Hoppema, M. ORCID:, Burau, C. , Elmer, C. , Friedrichs, A. , Geuer, J. K. ORCID:, John, U. ORCID:, Kanzow, T. ORCID:, Koch, B. P. ORCID:, Konrad, C. , van der Jagt, H. , Zielinski, O. and Iversen, M. H. ORCID: (2019)
Influence of Glacial Meltwater on Summer Biogeochemical Cycles in Scoresby Sund, East Greenland ,
Frontiers in Marine Science, 6 , p. 412 .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.e91a710a-6f48-4072-b13e-37bdeb35eac6

Flintrop, C. M. , Rogge, A. , Miksch, S. , Thiele, S. , Waite, A. M. and Iversen, M. H. (2018)
Embedding and slicing of intact in situ collected marine snow ,
Limnology and Oceanography: Methods, 16 (6), pp. 339-355 .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.4881ad21-4eca-4fab-ad61-4e4c5a5ac4da

Rogge, A. , Flintrop, C. M. , Iversen, M. H. , Salter, I. , Fong, A. A. , Vogts, A. and Waite, A. M. (2018)
Hard and soft plastic resin embedding for single-cell element uptake investigations of marine-snow-associated microorganisms using nano-scale secondary ion mass spectrometry ,
Limnology and Oceanography: Methods, 16 (8), pp. 484-503 .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.6420d0eb-43c1-4c93-95e6-112df98829b3

Thiele, S. , Basse, A. , Becker, J. W. , Lipski, A. , Iversen, M. H. and Mollenhauer, G. ORCID: (2018)
Microbial communities in the nepheloid layers and hypoxic zones of the Canary Current upwelling system ,
MicrobiologyOpen, e705 .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.8320df97-bb86-4418-af8f-c8ba596618fb

von Appen, W. J. ORCID:, Wekerle, C. ORCID:, Hehemann, L. , Schourup-Kristensen, V. , Konrad, C. and Iversen, M. H. (2018)
Observations of a Submesoscale Cyclonic Filament in the Marginal Ice Zone ,
Geophysical Research Letters .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.5675adf7-ecc5-44e2-9ae1-7c1aed670355

Busch, K. , Endres, S. , Iversen, M. H. , Michels, J. , Nöthig, E. M. ORCID: and Engel, A. (2017)
Bacterial Colonization and Vertical Distribution of Marine Gel Particles (TEP and CSP) in the Arctic Fram Strait ,
Frontiers in Marine Science, 4 (166), pp. 1-14 .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.51293

Sanders, R. J. , Henson, S. , Martin, A. P. , Anderson, T. R. , Bernardello, R. , Enderlain, P. , Fielding, S. , Giering, S. L. C. , Hartmann, M. , Iversen, M. H. , Khatiwala, S. , Lam, P. , Lampitt, R. , Mayor, D. J. , Moore, M. C. , Murphy, E. , Painter, S. C. , Poulton, A. J. , Saw, K. , Stowasser, G. , Tarling, G. A. , Torres-Valdes, S. , Trimmer, M. , Wolff, G. A. , Yool, A. and Zubkov, M. (2016)
Controls over Ocean Mesopelagic Interior Carbon Storage (COMICS): Fieldwork, Synthesis, and Modeling Efforts ,
Frontiers in Marine Science .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.49786

Ruff, S. E. , Probandt, D. , Zinkann, A. C. , Iversen, M. H. , Klaas, C. ORCID:, Würzberg, L. , Krombholz, N. , Wolf-Gladrow, D. ORCID:, Amann, R. and Knittel, K. (2014)
Indications for algae-degrading benthic microbial communities in deep-sea sediments along the Antarctic Polar Front ,
Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography, 108 , pp. 6-16 .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.44337

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