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Blumenberg, M. , Seifert, R. , Kasten, S. ORCID:, Bahlmann, E. and Michaelis, W. (2009)
Euphotic zone bacterioplankton sources major sedimentary bacteriohopanepolyols in the Holocene Black Sea ,
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 73 , pp. 750-766 .
doi:10.1016/j.gca.2008.11.005 , hdl:10013/epic.31746

Krüger, M. , Blumenberg, M. , Kasten, S. ORCID:, Wieland, A. , Känel, L. , Klock, J. H. , Michaelis, W. and Seifert, R. (2008)
A novel, multi-layered methanotrophic microbial mat system growing on the sediment of the Black Sea ,
Environmental Microbiology. .
doi:10.1111/j.1462-2920.2008.01607 , hdl:10013/epic.30440

Pape, T. , Hoffmann, F. , Quéric, N. V. , Juterzenka, K. , Reitner, J. and Michaelis, W. (2006)
Dense populations of Archaea associated with the demosponge Tentorium semisuberites Schmidt, 1870 from Arctic deep-waters ,
Polar Biology, 29 (8), pp. 662-667 .
doi:10.1007/s00300-005-0103-4 , hdl:10013/epic.28837

Michaelis, W. , Seifert, R. , Nauhaus, K. , Treude, T. , Thiel, V. , Blumenberg, M. , Knittel, K. , Gieseke, A. , Peterknecht, K. , Pape, T. , Boetius, A. ORCID:, Amann, R. , Jorgensen, B. B. , Widdel, F. , Peckmann, J. , Pimenov, N. V. and Gulin, M. B. (2002)
Microbial Reefs in the Black Sea Fueled by Anaerobic Oxidation of Methane ,
Science, 297 , pp. 1013-1015 .

Thiel, V. , Blumenberg, M. , Hefter, J. ORCID:, Pape, T. , Pomponi, S. , Reed, J. , Reitner, J. , Wörheide, G. and Michaelis, W. (2002)
A chemical view of the most ancient metazoa - biomarker chemotaxonomy of hexactinellid sponges ,
Naturwissenschaften, 89 , pp. 60-66 .
doi:10.1007/s00114-001-0284-9 , hdl:10013/epic.15804
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Seifert, R. , Delling, N. , Richnow, H. H. , Kempe, S. , Hefter, J. ORCID: and Michaelis, W. (1999)
Ethylene and methane in the upper water column of the subtropical Atlantic ,
Biogeochemistry, 44 , pp. 73-91 .
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Reimer, A. , Brasse, S. , Michaelis, W. and Rick, J. ORCID: (1999)
The carbon cycle in the German Bight - an estimation of transformation processes and transport ,
German Journal of Hydrography, 51 (2/3), pp. 313-330 .

Richnow, H. H. , Seifert, R. , Hefter, J. ORCID:, Link, M. , Francke, W. , Schaefer, G. and Michaelis, W. (1997)
Organic pollutants associated with macromolecular soil organic matter: Mode of binding ,
Organic Geochemistry, 26 , pp. 745-758 .
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Richnow, H. H. , Seifert, R. , Hefter, J. ORCID:, Kästner, M. , Mahro, B. and Michaelis, W. (1994)
Metabolites of xenobiotica and mineral oil constituents linked to macromolecular organic matter in polluted environments ,
Organic Geochemistry, 22 , pp. 671-681 .

Hefter, J. ORCID:, Thiel, V. , Jenisch, A. , Galling, U. , Kempe, S. and Michaelis, W. (1993)
Biomarker indications for microbial contribution to Recent and Late Jurassic carbonate deposits ,
Facies, 29 , pp. 93-106 .

Hefter, J. ORCID:, Richnow, H. H. , Fischer, U. , Trendel, J. M. and Michaelis, W. (1993)
-(-)Verrucosan-2ß-ol from the phototrophic bacterium <i>Chloroflexus aurantiacus</i>: First report of a verrucosane-type diterpenoid from a prokaryote ,
Journal of General Microbiology, 139 , pp. 2757-2761 .


Richnow, H. H. , Eschenbach, A. , Hefter, J. ORCID:, Kästner, M. , Mahro, B. , Seifert, R. and Michaelis, W. (1996)
Bildungsmechanismen von Bound Residues bei der biologischen Behandlung kontaminierter Böden ,
In: Cuno, M. (Hrsg.) Biologische und chemische Behandlung von PAK-haltigen Böden und Abwässern, Schriftenreihe Biologische Abwasserreinigung .

Hefter, J. ORCID:, Hauke, V. , Richnow, H. H. and Michaelis, W. (1995)
Alkanoic subunits in sulfur-rich geomacromolecules: Information from stepwise chemical degradation and compound specific isotopic analysis ,
In: Vairavamurthy, M. (ed.) Geochemical Transformations of Sedimentary Sulfur. ACS Symposium Series, ISBN: 0-8412-3328-4 .

Hefter, J. ORCID:, Richnow, H. H. , Seifert, R. and Michaelis, W. (1995)
<i>n</i>-Alkanoic compounds in sulphur-rich macromolecular substances: A detailed investigation of sulphur incorporation and cross-linking ,
In: Snape, C. (ed.): Composition, Geochemistry and Conversion of Oil Shales. NATO ASI Series C: Mathematical and Physical Sciences, ISBN: 0-7923-3343-8 .


Conference -Poster
Braunshausen, A. , Pape, T. , Knittel, K. , Hentschel, U. , Sauter, E. ORCID:, Michaelis, W. and Hoffmann, F. (2006)
Archaeal associations with the arctic deep-water sponge Tentorium Semisuberites ,
11th International Symposium on Microbial Ecology, 20-25 August 2006, Vienna, Austria. .

Conference -Invited talk
Hefter, J. ORCID:, Hauke, V. , Steiner, U. and Michaelis, W. (1996)
Molecular characterization of organic matter in methane producing areas of the Baltic Sea ,
In: Giere, O. & Fischer, U. (eds.): Abstracts and Program of the Workshop on Processes and Structures in Marine Methane and Sulfide Biotopes .

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