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Hölemann, J. ORCID:, Kirillov, S. , Klagge, T. , Novikhin, A. , Kassens, H. and Timokhov, L. (2011)
Near-bottom water warming in the Laptev Sea in response to atmospheric and sea ice conditions in 2007 ,
Polar Research, 30 .
doi:10.3402/polar.v30i0.6425 , hdl:10013/epic.37520

Bauch, D. , Hölemann, J. ORCID:, Willmes, S. , Gröger, M. , Novikhin, A. , Nikulina, A. , Kassens, H. and Timokhov, L. (2010)
Changes in distribution of brine waters on the Laptev Sea shelf in 2007 ,
Journal of Geophysical Research. .
doi:10.1029/2010JC006249 , hdl:10013/epic.36045

Bauch, D. , Dmitrenko, I. , Kirillov, S. , Wegner, C. , Hölemann, J. ORCID:, Pivovarov, S. , Timokhov, L. and Kassens, H. (2009)
Eurasian Arctic shelf hydrography: Exchange and residence time of southern Laptev Sea waters ,
Continental Shelf Research, 29 (15), pp. 1815-1820 .
doi:10.1016/j.csr.2009.06.009 , hdl:10013/epic.33260

Polyakov, I. R. , Timokhov, L. , Dmitrenko, I. , Ivanov, V. , Simmons, H. , Beszczynska-Möller, A. , Dickson, R. , Fahrbach, E. , Fortier, L. , Gascard, J. C. , Hölemann, J. ORCID:, Holliday, N. P. , Hansen, E. , Mauritzen, C. , Piechura, J. , Pickart, R. , Schauer, U. , Steele, M. and Walczowski, W. (2007)
Observational program tracks Arctic Ocean transition to a warmer state ,
Eos, Transactions, 88 (40), pp. 398-399 .

Kassens, H. , Thiede, J. , Bauch, H. , Hölemann, J. ORCID:, Dmitrenko, I. , Müller-Lupp, T. , Timokhov, L. and Wegner, C. (2006)
The Laptev Sea System since the Last Glacial - A Review. - In: ,
Harff, J., Hay W.W. & Tetzlaff, D.F. (eds.): Coastline changes: Interrelation of climate and geological processes. .

Thiede, J. , Kassens, H. and Timokhov, L. (2000)
Laptev Sea System discussed at Russian-German Workshop ,
EOS Transactions, American Geophysical Union 81(32), 361 , pp. 366-367 .

Kassens, H. , Dmitrenko, I. , Rachold, V. , Thiede, J. and Timokhov, L. (1998)
Four years of German-Russian cooperation in the Laptev Sea unravel an Arctic climate system ,
EOS Transactions,79/27, 317 , pp. 322-323 .

Schauer, U. , Muench, R. D. , Rudels, B. and Timokhov, L. (1997)
The impact of Eastern Arctic Shelf waters on the Nansen Basin intermediate layers ,

Kassens, H. , Piepenburg, D. , Thiede, J. , Timokhov, L. , Hubberten, H. W. and Priamikov, S. M. (1995)
Russian-German Cooperation: Laptev Sea System ,
Reports on Polar Research, Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Bremerhaven, 176 .


Kassens, H. , Bauch, H. , Hölemann, J. ORCID:, Priamikov, S. , Thiede, J. and Timokhov, L. (2006)
Die Laptewsee im Wandel: Neue Seewege möglich ,
Lozán,J., Graßl,H., Hubberten,H., Hupfer,P., Lemke,P., Piepenburg,D. (Hrgb.), Warnsignale aus den Polarregionen. - Hamburg .

Thiede, J. , Timokhov, L. , Bauch, H. A. , Bolshiyanov, D. , Dmitrenko, I. , Eicken, H. , Fahl, K. ORCID:, Gukov, A. , Kassens, H. , Melles, M. , Petryashov, V. , Pivovarov, S. , Priamikov, S. , Rachold, V. , Schmid, M. , Siegert, C. , Spindler, M. , Stein, R. ORCID:, Hölemann, J. ORCID:, Scientific Party, Hubberten, H. W. and Juterzenka, K. v. (1999)
Dynamics and history of the Laptev Sea and its continental hinterland: A summary ,
Land-ocean systems in the Siberian Arctic: Dynamics and history (H Kassens, H A Bauch, I Dmitrenko, H Eicken, H-W Hubberten, M Melles, J Thiede, L A Timokhov (Eds.), Springer-Verlag, Berlin .


Conference -Invited talk
Timokhov, L. , Thiede, J. , Bauch, H. , Dmitrenko, I. , Grigoriev, M. , Hölemann, J. ORCID:, Kassens, H. and Priamikov, S. (2004)
Holocene records of land-ocean coupling from the Laptev Sea (Siberian Arctic) ,
Invited Lecture, 32nd International Geological Congress, 20-28 Aug., Florence, Italy. .

Conference -Invited talk
Kassens, H. , Bauch, H. , Hölemann, J. ORCID:, Priamikov, S. , Thiede, J. and Timokhov, L. (2004)
The Siberian shelf seas as sensitive "climate recorders" ,
Invited Lecture, 5th Workshop on Russian-German Cooperation in the Sea of Okhotsk - Kurile Island Arc - KOMEX, 27-30 May, Vladivostok, Russia. .

Conference -Conference paper
Hölemann, J. ORCID:, Dmitrenko, I. , Kassens, H. , Wegner, C. , Thiede, J. and Timokhov, L. (2001)
Transport pathways and hydrograhic conditions in the Laptev Sea ,
Schriftenreihe der Deutschen Geologischen Gesellschaft, Heft 14 .

Conference -Invited talk
Thiede, J. , Kassens, H. , Dmitrenko, I. , Timokhov, L. and Scientific Party of the Laptev Sea System Project (1998)
Land-shelf coupling in the Siberian Arctic: The Laptev Sea System ,
6th Zonenshain Conference on Plate Tectonics, 17-20 Febr., Moscow, Russia. .

"Berichte zur Polar- und Meeresforschung"

"Berichte zur Polar- und Meeresforschung" Expedition reports
Kassens, H. , Dmitrenko, L. , Timokhov, L. and Thiede, J. (1997)
The TRANSDRIFT III Expedition: Freeze-up Studies in the Laptev Sea ,
Berichte zur Polarforschung (Reports on Polar Research), Bremerhaven, Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, 248 , pp. 1-190 .
doi:10.2312/BzP_0248_1_1997 , hdl:10013/epic.10250
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