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Russian-German Cooperation in the Siberian Shelf Seas: Geo-System Laptev Sea / Kassens, H. , Hubberten, H. W. , Pryamikov, S. and Stein, R. ORCID: (editors) ,
Berichte zur Polar- und Meeresforschung, 133 p. .

Adatte, T. , Stinnesbeck, W. , Hubberten, H. W. and Remane, J. (1994)
Stable isotope excursion in the Valanginian of northeastern Mexico: First episode of a Cretaceous greenhouse effect ,
Terra Nova .

Bohrmann, G. , Abelmann, A. , Gersonde, R. , Hubberten, H. W. and Kuhn, G. ORCID: (1994)
Pure siliceous ooze, a diagenetic environment for early chert formation ,
Geology, 22 (3), pp. 207-210 .

Eicken, H. , Lange, M. A. , Hubberten, H. W. and Wadhams, P. (1994)
Characteristics and distribution patterns of snow and meteoric ice in the Weddell Sea and their contribution to the mass balance of sea ice ,
Annales Geophysicae-Atmospheres Hydrospheres and Space Sciences, 12 (1), pp. 80-93 .

Conference -Invited talk
Fritzsche, D. ORCID: (1994)
Die wissenschaftlichen Institutionen auf dem Potsdamer Telegrafenberg und ihre Bedeutung für die deutsche und internationale Polarforschung bis 1933 ,
Urania-Veranstaltung, Potsdam, 21 June 1994 - 21 June 1994 .

Hain, S. and Melles, M. (1994)
Evidence for a marine molluscan fauna beneath ice shelves in the Lazarev and Weddell seas, Antarctica, from shells of Adamussium colbecki and Nacella (Patinigera) cf concinna ,
Antarct Sci, 6 (1), pp. 29-36 .

Israelson, C. , Buchardt, B. , Funder, S. and Hubberten, H. W. (1994)
The oxygen and carbon isotope composition of Quaternary bivalve shells as a water mass indicator Last interglazial and Holocene, East Greenland ,
Paleogeography, Paleoclimatology, Paleoecology, 111 , pp. 119-134 .

Thesis -Diplom
Kumke, T. (1994)
Säulenversuche zur Simulation der Uferfiltratspassage ,
Diplom thesis, Technische Universität Dresden.

Mackensen, A. ORCID:, Grobe, H. ORCID:, Hubberten, H. W. and Kuhn, G. ORCID: (1994)
Benthic foraminiferal assemblages and the d13C-signal in the Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean: Glacial-to-interglacial contrasts ,
Carbon cycling in the glacial ocean: Constraints on the ocean's role in global change (R. Zahn, M. Kaminski, L. Labeyrie, T. Pedersen, eds. ) NATO ASI series, Springer, Berlin, I 17, pp. 105-144 .

Melles, M. (1994)
The Expeditions NORILSK/TAYMYR 1993 and BUNGER OASIS 1993/94 of the AWI Research Unit Potsdam ,
Reports on Polar Research, Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Bremerhaven, 148 .

Melles, M. , Verkulich, S. R. and Hermichen, W. D. (1994)
Radiocarbon dating of lacustine and marine sediments from the Bunger Hills, East Antarctica ,
Antarct Sci, 6 (3), pp. 375-378 .

Nam, S. I. , Fütterer, D. , Grobe, H. ORCID:, Hubberten, H. W. and Stein, R. ORCID: (1994)
Late Quaternary glacial/interglacial variations in sedimentary processes along the East Greenland continental margin ,
Terra Antartica, 1 (2), pp. 431-432 .

Schirrmeister, L. ORCID: and Störr, M. (1994)
The weathering of basaltic rocks in Vietnam and Burundi ,
CATENA, 241 , pp. 243-256 .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.61e8b8f1-2a31-4f3e-8bfb-4eb1151dba9b

Wand, U. , Fritzsche, D. ORCID:, Wetzel, H. U. , Hahne, K. , Belajev, K. , Mikhalski, J. , Krüger, W. , Tschochner, B. , Melles, M. , Schwarz, G. and Hermichen, W. D. (1994)
Die Sommerkampagne Schirmacheroase 1991/92. Georg-Forster-Station (GEOMAUD II). In: Miller, H. Die Expedition ANTARKTIS-X mit FS "POLARSTERN" 1992, Bericht von den Fahrtabschnitten ANT-X/1a und 2 ,
Reports on Polar Research, Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Bremerhaven, 152 , pp. 219-279 .

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