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Fausto, R. , Kulbida, A. and Schrems, O. (1995)
UV-induced isomerization of (E)-Crotonic Acid ,
J Chem Soc Faraday Trans, 91 (21), pp. 3755-3770 .

Gernandt, H. (1995)
Contribution to ionospheric, geomagnetic and middle atmsophere observations in high southern latitudes ,
The Schirmacher Oasis, Queen Maud Land, East Antarctica, and its surroundings (P Bormann, D Fritzsche, eds ) PGM Erg h 289, Perthes, Gotha .

Gernandt, H. (1995)
The vertical ozone distribution in the southern stratosphere. ,
In: Scientific investigations of the Schirmacher Oasis and its surroundings, by Bormann, P.; Fritzsche, D.; Petermannns Geographische Mitteilungen, Ergänzungsheft 289, Justus Perthes Verlag Gotha. .

Helmers, E. and Schrems, O. (1995)
Wet deposition of metals to the tropical North and the South Atlantic Ocean ,
Atmosph Environm, 29 (18), pp. 2475-2484 .

Herrmann, H. , Exner, M. , Jacobi, H. W. , Raabe, G. , Reese, A. and Zellner, R. (1995)
Laboratory studies of atmospheric aqueous phase free radical chemistry: Kinetic and spectroscopic laboratory studies of reactions of NO3 and SO4- radicals with aromatic compounds ,
Faraday discussions, 100 , pp. 129-153 .

Kriews, M. and Schrems, O. (1995)
Pollution analysis in the Arctic Determination of heavy metals in deposition samples from Spitsbergen ,
Heavy Metals in the Environment Internat Conf , Hamburg, 1995 (R -D Wilken, U Förstner, A Knöchel, eds ) CEP Consultants, Edinburgh, 1 , pp. 371-374 .

Kulbida, A. , Ramos, M. N. , Räsänen, M. , Nieminen, J. , Schrems, O. and Fausto, R. (1995)
Rotational isomerism in acrylic acid a combined matrix-isolated IR, Raman ab initio molecular orbital study ,
J Chem Soc Faraday Trans, 91 (11), pp. 1571-1585 .

Lorenzen-Schmidt, H. , Weller, R. ORCID: and Schrems, O. (1995)
FTIR-Studies of the reaction of O(1D)-atoms with CF3Br in solid argon matrices ,
Journal of Molecular Structure, 349 , pp. 333-336 .

Notholt, J. , Beninga, I. and Schrems, O. (1995)
Shipborne FT-IR measurements of atmospheric trace gases on a South (33 S) to North (53 N) Atlantic traverse ,
Applied Spectroscopy, 49 , pp. 1525-27 .

Notholt, J. , Meier, A. and Peil, S. (1995)
Total column densities of tropospheric and stratospheric trace gases in the undisturbed Arctic summer atmosphere ,
J Atmosph Chem, 20 , pp. 311-332 .

Notholt, J. , von der Gathen, P. ORCID: and Peil, S. (1995)
Heterogeneous conversion of HCl and ClONO2 during the Arctic winter 1992/93 initiating ozone depletion ,
Journal of Geophysical ResearchD6, 100 , pp. 11269-11274 .

Conference -Talk
Rex, M. ORCID: (1995)
A Lagrangian approach to separate stratospheric chemical ozone loss from dynamical effects ,
Ny-Ålesund Science Manager Meeting, Potsdam, May 1995. .

Conference -Talk
Rex, M. ORCID: (1995)
Measurements of stratospheric ozone depletion rates in the arctic winters 91/92 and 94/95 (Match): A Lagrangian approach ,
XXI General Assembly of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics, Boulder, July 1995. .

Conference -Talk
Rex, M. ORCID: (1995)
The rate of chemical ozone depletion in the Arctic winter 1991/92 ,
XX General Assembly of the European Geophysical Society, Hamburg, April 1995. .

Conference -Invited talk
Schrems, O. (1995)
Das Ozonloch - Observationen an den deutschen Polarstationen in der Arktis und Antarktis ,
Eingeladener Vortrag, Chemisches Kolloquium, Universität Hamburg, 3. Februar, Hamburg. .

Schrems, O. (1995)
Ozonmessungen in Ny-Aalesund ,
AGF-Forschungsthemen, 8 , pp. 31-32 .

Conference -Invited talk
Schrems, O. (1995)
Stratosphärisches Ozon ,
Eingeladener Vortrag, Informations- und Präsentationsveranstaltung "Ozon - ein Problem unserer Zeit" des TTZ Umweltinstituts Bremerhaven, 28. Sept., Bremerhaven, Germany. .

Conference -Talk
Schrems, O. (1995)
Stratosphärisches Ozon ,
Eingeladener Vortrag, Informations- und Präsentationsveranstaltung "Ozon - ein Problem unserer Zeit" des TTZ Umweltinstituts Bremerhaven, 28. Sept., Bremerhaven, Germany. .

Schäfer, J. , Schrems, O. , Beyerle, G. , Hofer, B. , Mildner, W. , Theopold, F. A. , Lahmann, W. , Weitkamp, C. and Steinbach, M. (1995)
A modular and mobile, multi-purpose lidar system for observation of tropospheric and stratospheric aerosols ,
SPIE, 2581 , pp. 128-136 .

Conference -Talk
Seisel, S. (1995)
Heterogene chemische Reaktionen an Modelloberflächen polarer stratosphärischer Wolken ,
94. Hauptversammlung der Deutschen Bunsengesellschaft für Physikalische Chemie, 25-27 May, Bremen (Germany). .

Conference -Conference paper
Stebel, K. , Schrems, O. , Neuber, R. ORCID:, Beyerle, G. , von der Gathen, P. ORCID: and Knudsen, B. (1995)
Lidar observations of polar stratospheric clouds in the Arctic (Spitsbergen) ,
Polar stratospheric ozone (J A Pyle, N R P Harris, G T Amanatidis, eds ),European Commission Air Pollution Report 56 .

Conference -Conference paper
Stein, B. , Immler, F. , Mielke, B. , Rairoux, P. , Wedekind, C. , Wille, H. and Wöste, L. (1995)
A solid state tunable ozone lidar / Ansmann, A. , Neuber, R. ORCID:, Rairoux and Wandinger, U. (editors) ,
Advances in Atmospheric Remote Sensing with Lidar, Springer, Berlin .

von der Gathen, P. ORCID:, Rex, M. ORCID:, Harris, N. R. P. , Lucic, D. , Knudsen, B. M. , Braathen, G. O. , Backer, H. D. , Fabian, R. , Fast, H. , Gil, M. , Kyrö, E. , Mikkelsen, I. S. , Rummukainen, M. , Stähelin, J. and Varotsos, C. (1995)
Observational evidence for chemical ozone depletion over the Arctic in winter 1991-92 ,
Nature, 375 , pp. 131-134 .

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