A Unification of Ensemble Square Root Kalman Filters

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Nerger, L. , Janjic Pfander, T. , Schröter, J. and Hiller, W. (2012): A Unification of Ensemble Square Root Kalman Filters , Monthly Weather Review, 140 , pp. 2335-2345 . doi: 10.1175/MWR-D-11-00102.1
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In recent years, several ensemble-based Kalman filter algorithms have been developed that have been classified as ensemble square-root Kalman filters. Parallel to this development, the SEIK (Singular ``Evolutive'' Interpolated Kalman) filter has been introduced and applied in several studies. Some publications note that the SEIK filter is an ensemble Kalman filter or even an ensemble square-root Kalman filter. This study examines the relation of the SEIK filter to ensemble square-root filters in detail. It shows that the SEIK filter is indeed an ensemble-square root Kalman filter. Furthermore, a variant of the SEIK filter, the Error Subspace Transform Kalman Filter (ESTKF), is presented that results in identical ensemble transformations to those of the Ensemble Transform Kalman Filter (ETKF) while having a slightly lower computational cost. Numerical experiments are conducted to compare the performance of three filters (SEIK, ETKF, and ESTKF) using deterministic and random ensemble transformations. The results show better performance for the ETKF and ESTKF methods over the SEIK filter as long as this filter is not applied with a symmetric square root. The findings unify the separate developments that have been performed for the SEIK filter and the other ensemble square-root Kalman filters.

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