Field Techniques in Sea-Ice Research

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This contribution provides a brief overview of current approaches and anticipated advances in obtaining a range of field measurements for sea ice in (sub)polar regions. The multiple uses of the ice cover and its important role in social-environmental systems at high north- ern and southern latitudes require a broad range of approaches and measurements to be considered. Building on a recently published monograph with detailed information about the state of the art, the present contributions provides concise summaries and updates for the following topical areas: Field research study and sampling de- sign, snow on sea ice, ice thickness and morphology, ice coring and measurement of key physical properties, ice optics and surface en- ergy budget, transport properties, sea ice biota and biogeochemical properties, autonomous sensors, UASs and UAVs, and ship-based observations. For each of these topics, relevant background infor- mation is provided before discussing key methodological approaches and techniques in more detail. Most of the topical sections then include an example to illustrate how the approaches are applied in specific cases. Each section then concludes with a outlook on fu- ture developments and research needs. Common to all types of field measurements is the conclusion that due to a substantial in- crease in human activities in ice-covered maritime regions and the impacts of rapid environmental change a great need for accurate, consistent and intercomparable sea-ice datasets has arisen. Method- ological advances and scientific progress over the past few decades now puts the research and operations community in a position to develop best practices with respect to field measurements that can lead to standardized, interoperable approaches, greatly minimizing risks associated with lack of suitable, consistent datasets.

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Eicken, H. , Bluhm, B. A. , Collins, R. E. , Haas, C. , Ingham, M. , Gradinger, R. , Mahoney, A. , Nicolaus, M. and Perovich, D. K. (2014): Field Techniques in Sea-Ice Research / H. Shen (editor) , In: Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems, Cold Regions Science and Marine Technology, Prais, France, Eolss Publishers, 20 p. .

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