Arctic Study of Tropospheric Aerosol and Radiation (ASTAR) 2000: Arctic haze case study

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The ASTAR 2000 (Arctic Study of Tropospheric Aerosol and Radiation) campaign ran from 12 March until 25 April 2000 with extensive flight operations in the vicinity of Svalbard (Norway) from Longyearbyen airport (78.25°N, 15.49°E). It was a joint Japanese (NIPR Tokyo)German (AWI Bremerhaven/Potsdam) airborne measurement campaign using AWI aircraft POLAR 4 (Dornier 228-101). Simultaneous ground-based measurements were done at the international research site Ny-lesund (78.95°N, 11.93°E) in Svalbard, at the German Koldewey station, at the Japanese Rabben station and at the Scandinavian station at Zeppelin Mountain (475 m above sea level). During the campaign 19 profiles of various aerosol properties were measured. In general, the Arctic spring aerosol in the vicinity of Svalbard had significant temporal and vertical variability.A strong haze event occurred between 21 and 25 March in which the optical depth from ground-based observation was 0.18, which was significantly greater than the background value of 0.06. Airborne measurements on 23 March during this haze event showed a high aerosol layer with an extinction coefficient of 0.03 km1 or more up to 3 km and a scattering coefficient from 0.02 in the same altitude range. From the chemical analyses of airborne measurements, sulfate, soot and sea salt particles were dominant, and there was a high mixing ratio of external soot particles in some layers during the haze event, whereas internal mixing of soot in sulfate was noticeable in some layers for the background condition. We argue that the high aerosol loading is due to direct transport from anthropogenic source regions. In this paper we focus on the course of the haze event in detail through analyses of the airborne and ground-based results.

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Yamanouchi, T. , Treffeisen, R. , Herber, A. , Shiobara, M. , Yamagata, S. , Hara, K. , Sato, K. , Yabuki, M. , Tomikawa, Y. , Rinke, A. , Neuber, R. , Schumacher, R. , Kriews, M. , Ström, J. , Schrems, O. and Gernandt, H. (2005): Arctic Study of Tropospheric Aerosol and Radiation (ASTAR) 2000: Arctic haze case study , TellusB, 57 , pp. 141-152 .

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