AtlantOS Deliverable 6.2: Roadmap for emerging networks

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Whilst the AtlantOS project is directed towards bringing together the existing, but currently disparate observing programmes in the Atlantic Ocean, there are still some gaps in terms of requirements for addressing the collection and curation of data around the Essential Ocean Variables. This deliverable will identify gaps and emerging observing networks. Here we use the term emerging network to classify science areas that are starting to gain importance with respect to EOV’s and their measurement and curation, or are existing small scale programmes or communities that might become more important in the future if we can find means of enhancing the collaboration among investigators/groups, increasing resources to the area or using new technological developments. In the AtlantOS project we have identified a number of areas in which there are gaps in our knowledge and where opportunities exist to enhance current small-scale networks. The scope of this document is to assess these networks, based on where we are now and where the networks could be in three and ten years’ time, respectively. An assessment of the state of the existing networks is useful to identify the level of international organisation and potential for further development in the future. We identify opportunities where synergies are possible with more established global projects, and where small levels of investment in resource and time for governance and coordination can productively and realistically develop the networks. We also identify if there are ways to develop coordinated approaches to metrology technology development. For this analysis, the networks have been allocated to one of the three groups outlined below.

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Connelly, D. , Afonso, P. , Whoriskey, F. , Morris, A. , Mowlem, M. , Sousa Pinto, I. , Davies, N. , Wölfl, A. C. , Handegard, N. O. , Devey, C. W. , Janssen, F. and Buttigieg, P. L. (2018): AtlantOS Deliverable 6.2: Roadmap for emerging networks , [Miscellaneous]


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