New molecular methods to assess biodiversity. Potentials and pitfalls of DNA metabarcoding: a workshop report

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This report presents the outcome of the joint work of PhD students and senior researchers working with DNA-based biodiversity assessment approaches with the goal to facilitate others the access to definitions and explanations about novel DNA-based methods. The work was performed during a PhD course (SLU PNS0169) at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) in Uppsala, Sweden. The course was co-organized by the EU COST research network DNAqua-Net and the SLU Research Schools Focus on Soils and Water (FoSW) and Ecology - basics and applications. DNAqua-Net (COST Action CA15219, 2016-2020) is a network connecting researchers, water managers, politicians and other stakeholders with the aim to develop new genetic tools for bioassessment of aquatic ecosystems in Europe and beyond. The PhD course offered a comprehensive overview of the paradigm shift from traditional morphology-based species identification to novel identification approaches based on molecular markers. We covered the use of molecular tools in both basic research and applied use with a focus on aquatic ecosystem assessment, from species collection to the use of diversity in environmental legislation. The focus of the course was on DNA (meta)barcoding and aquatic organisms. The knowledge gained was shared with the general public by creating Wikipedia pages and through this collaborative Open Access publication, co-authored by all course participants.

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DOI 10.3897/rio.5.e38915

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Kahlert, M. , Alfjorden, A. , Apunte-Ramos, K. , Bailet, B. , Pérez Burillo, J. , Carrera Gonzalez, A. G. , Castro, D. , Di Bernardi, C. , Dully, V. , Fekete, J. , Frühe, L. , González, R. , Gratsia, E. , Hanjalić, J. , Kamberović, J. , Kelly, A. M. , Meriggi, C. , Nousiainen, I. , Ørberg, S. , Orr, J. , Quintana, C. , Papatheodoulou, A. , Sargac, J. , Shahbaz, M. , Tapolczai, K. , Tosic, K. , Wallin, I. , Zupančič, M. , Bohman, P. , Buttigieg, P. L. , Häubner, N. , Leese, F. , Macher, J. , Peura, S. , Roslin, T. , Strand, M. , Terenius, O. , Vasselon, V. and Weigand, A. M. (2019): New molecular methods to assess biodiversity. Potentials and pitfalls of DNA metabarcoding: a workshop report , Research Ideas and Outcomes, 5 . doi: 10.3897/rio.5.e38915

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