25 years of joint Yedoma Ice Complex studies in Arctic Russia, especially in Sakha/Yakutia

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Since 1994, permafrost deposits of the Siberian Yedoma region have been in the focus of the joint Russian-German scientific cooperation in terrestrial Polar research (Figure 1). These studies focused on cryostratigraphic, geochemical, geochronological, and paleontological characteristics at more than 25 individual study sites of the late Pleistocene Yedoma Ice Complex in Siberia and provided a detailed insight into the paleoenvironments and paleoclimate for the westernmost part of Beringia. The multidisciplinary investigations resulted in new ideas and discussions in the ongoing scientific debate on the origin of Yedoma Ice Complex and the main periglacial processes involved in its formation (1,2,3). The Yedoma Ice Complex is an ice-rich type of permafrost deposit widely distributed across Beringia. The Ice Complex aggradation is mainly controlled by the growth of syngenetic ice wedge polygons contributing up to 60 vol% of the entire formation. The clastic sedimentation of ice-oversaturated Yedoma deposits with considerable organic matter content is further controlled by local conditions such as source rocks and periglacial weathering processes, paleotopography, and temporary surface stabilization with autochthonous peat growth and soil formation. Key processes include alluvial, fluvial, and niveo-aeolian transport (4) as well as accumulation in ponding waters and continued in-situ frost weathering over millennial time-scales. Important post-depositional processes affecting Yedoma deposits are solifluction, cryoturbation, and pedogenesis. Major joint Russian-German field studies were conducted on Taymyr Peninsula (5,6,7,8,9,10,11), along the western and central Laptev Sea coasts (12,13,14,15,16,17,18), in the Lena Delta (19,20,21,22), on islands of the New Siberian Archipelago (23,24,25,26,27,28), and the adjacent mainland (29). Further study sites were conducted in the Kolyma Lowland (30), the Yana Highlands (31,32), in the foothills of the Verkhoyan Mountains (33,34,35,36), and in Central Yakutia (37). Comprehensive sampling and further analytical work included not only the Yedoma Ice Complex itself but also included its stratigraphic context of older underlying sequences and younger overlying deposits. The latter often are subaerial or subaquatic deposits associated with late-Glacial to Holocene thermokarst dynamics that led to Yedoma degradation during the deglacial and Holocene warming of these regions (38,39,40). Figure 1: Joint Russian-German fieldwork sites in NE Siberia labeled with the year of expedition. Besides geomorphological and cryolithological studies, extensive paleo-ecological investigations were carried out on zoological (41,42,43,44,45) and botanic fossils (46,47,48,49,50,51) to derive quantitative and qualitative reconstructions late Pleistocene Beringian environments and climate conditions. New methods in geochronology were also tested (52,53,54,55). In addition to the sedimentary components of the frozen deposits, segregated ground ice and in particular the large syngenetic ice wedges of Yedoma Ice Complex were also studied as geochemical and stable isotope archives of paleoclimate (56,57,58, 59,60,61,62). In addition, a range of remote sensing methods in combination with GIS analyses (63,64,65) and geophysical surveys (66) were used for large-scale analyses of landscape changes associated with Yedoma Ice Complex degradation (67,68,69). In the last few years, an additional important focus has been on using modern biogeochemical methods of organic matter analysis to characterize the frozen organic matter in Yedoma Ice Complex deposits and for permafrost carbon pool calculations (70, 71,72,73,74,75,76,77) as well as microbiological studies (78) and genetic studies on fossil DNA (79,80). The rich body of scientific data and literature produced in Russian-German co-authorship within the more than 25 years of joint research on Yedoma Ice Complex represents an important cornerstone for understanding the Late Quaternary evolution of Siberian Yedoma regions, its role in the Earth System, and its feedbacks with climate and ecosystems. References 1. Schirrmeister, L., Dietze, E., Matthes, H., Grosse, G., Strauss, J., Laboor, S., Ulrich, M., Kienast, F., and Wetterich, S. (2020) The genesis of Yedoma Ice Complex permafrost – grain-size endmember modeling analysis from Siberia and Alaska, E&G Quaternary Sci. 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Russian Conference with International Participation on the Occasion of the 60th Anniversary of the Melnikov Permafrost Institute (MPI), 28 Sep 2020 - 30 Sep 2020, Yakutsk, Russia.
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Grosse, G. , Schirrmeister, L. , Wetterich, S. , Strauss, J. , Meyer, H. , Opel, T. , Siegert, C. , Windirsch, T. , Jongejans, L. L. , Laboor, S. , Diekmann, B. , Andreev, A. , Hubberten, H. W. , Kunitsky, V. V. , Fedorov, A. N. , Grigoriev, M. N. , Derevyagin, A. Y. , Tumskoy, V. , Kuznetsova, T. , Kienast, F. and Ulrich, M. (2020): 25 years of joint Yedoma Ice Complex studies in Arctic Russia, especially in Sakha/Yakutia , Russian Conference with International Participation on the Occasion of the 60th Anniversary of the Melnikov Permafrost Institute (MPI), Yakutsk, Russia, 28 September 2020 - 30 September 2020 .

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