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Wetterich, S. ORCID:, Davidson, T. A. , Bobrov, A. , Opel, T. ORCID:, Windirsch, T. , Johansen, K. L. , González-Bergonzoni, I. , Mosbech, A. and Jeppesen, E. (2019)
Stable isotope signatures of Holocene syngenetic permafrost trace seabird presence in the Thule District (NW Greenland) ,
Biogeosciences, 16 (21), pp. 4261-4275 .
doi:10.5194/bg-16-4261-2019 , hdl:10013/epic.65ed3baa-cae9-4e65-a764-e2bcc4feeeab
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Davidson, T. A. , Wetterich, S. ORCID:, Johansen, K. L. , Grønnow, B. , Windirsch, T. ORCID:, Jeppesen, E. , Syväranta, J. , Olsen, J. , González-Bergonzoni, I. , Strunk, A. , Larsen, N. K. , Meyer, H. ORCID:, Søndergaard, J. , Dietz, R. , Eulears, I. and Mosbech, A. (2018)
The history of seabird colonies and the North Water ecosystem: Contributions from palaeoecological and archaeological evidence ,
AMBIO, 47 (Supple), pp. 175-192 .
doi:10.1007/s13280-018-1031-1 , hdl:10013/epic.da93b3ef-ed88-4ee3-b568-0bba29591a06
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Conference -Lecture
Windirsch, T. ORCID:, Grosse, G. , Forbes, B. C. , Wolter, J. , Stark, S. , Macias-Fauria, M. and Strauss, J. ORCID: (2023)
Herbivore-Induced Effects on Arctic Soil Carbon Storage
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Conference -Poster
Windirsch, T. ORCID:, Grosse, G. ORCID:, Ulrich, M. , Forbes, B. C. , Göckede, M. , Wolter, J. ORCID:, Macias-Fauria, M. , Olofsson, J. , Zimov, N. and Strauss, J. ORCID: (2021)
Impacts of Large Herbivores on Permafrost Soil Carbon Storage ,
RCOP & ICCRE 2021, 24 October 2021 - 29 October 2021 .
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Conference -Poster
Windirsch, T. ORCID:, Grosse, G. ORCID:, Habeck, J. O. , Ulrich, M. ORCID: and Strauss, J. ORCID: (2021)
Large herbivores as stabilizing ecosystem engineers in thawing terrestrial Arctic environments ,
International Symposium 'Focus Siberian Permafrost – Terrestrial Cryosphere and Climate Change', 24 March 2021 - 25 March 2021 .

Conference -Poster
Grosse, G. ORCID:, Schirrmeister, L. ORCID:, Wetterich, S. ORCID:, Strauss, J. ORCID:, Meyer, H. ORCID:, Opel, T. ORCID:, Siegert, C. , Windirsch, T. ORCID:, Jongejans, L. L. ORCID:, Laboor, S. ORCID:, Diekmann, B. ORCID:, Andreev, A. ORCID:, Hubberten, H. W. , Kunitsky, V. V. , Fedorov, A. N. , Grigoriev, M. N. ORCID:, Derevyagin, A. Y. , Tumskoy, V. , Kuznetsova, T. , Kienast, F. and Ulrich, M. ORCID: (2020)
25 years of joint Yedoma Ice Complex studies in Arctic Russia, especially in Sakha/Yakutia ,
Russian Conference with International Participation on the Occasion of the 60th Anniversary of the Melnikov Permafrost Institute (MPI), Yakutsk, Russia, 28 September 2020 - 30 September 2020 .
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Conference -Poster
Windirsch, T. ORCID:, Grosse, G. ORCID:, Ulrich, M. , Schirrmeister, L. ORCID:, Fedorov, A. , Konstantinov, P. , Fuchs, M. ORCID:, Jongejans, L. L. ORCID: and Strauss, J. ORCID: (2019)
Heterogeneity of Yedoma Ice Complex deposits due to regional genesis processes ,
5th YES Congress, Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin, Germany, 9 September 2019 - 13 September 2019 .
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"Berichte zur Polar- und Meeresforschung"

"Berichte zur Polar- und Meeresforschung" Expedition reports
Fuchs, M. ORCID:, van Delden, L. ORCID:, Lehmann, N. ORCID: and Windirsch, T. ORCID: (2021)
Expeditions to Fennoscandia in 2020 ,
Berichte zur Polar- und Meeresforschung = Reports on polar and marine research, Bremerhaven, Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, 752 , 40 p. .
doi:10.48433/BzPM_0752_2021 , hdl:10013/epic.a03eca13-0199-4959-a40d-1eb5369c2582
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