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Volz, J. B. ORCID:, Riedinger, N. ORCID:, Hardisty, D. ORCID: and Kasten, S. ORCID: (2020)
Data report: solid-phase major and minor elements and iron and sulfur species in sediments of the Anholt Basin, Baltic Sea, collected during IODP Expedition 347 ,
In: Volume 347, Proceedings of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program, College Station, Texas, US, Proceedings of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.a18f1647-1b4c-4b93-bccf-4f445751b9ce

Brenner, M. ORCID:, Schulze, J. , Fischer, J. and Wegner, M. ORCID: (2019)
First record of the parasitic copepod (Mytilicola orientalis Mori, 1935) in blue mussels (Mytilus spp.) of the Baltic Sea ,
BioInvasions Records, 8 (3), pp. 623-632 .
doi: 2019.8.3.19 , hdl:10013/epic.0aed1662-5812-4ab3-ac28-f23bd511a3c5

Buschbaum, C. ORCID: and Lackschewitz, D. (2018)
How to detect, assess and control marine neobiota? ,
Natur und Landschaft, 93 (9/10), pp. 428-433 .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.fae39d77-543e-4bcf-957f-a37f590ace03

Thesis -Master
Rohner, G. (2016)
Metagenomic - and Metatranscriptomic investigation of three plankton communities in the north Atlantic and the Baltic Sea ,
Master thesis, University of Applied Science Bremerhaven.

Hu, M. Y. , Michael, K. , Kreiß, C. , Stumpp, M. , Dupont, S. , Tseng, Y. C. and Lucassen, M. ORCID: (2016)
Temperature Modulates the Effects of Ocean Acidification on Intestinal Ion Transport in Atlantic Cod, Gadus morhua ,
Front. Physiol., 7 (198) .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.49556

Michael, K. , Kreiß, C. , Hu, M. Y. , Koschnick, N. , Bickmeyer, U. ORCID:, Dupont, S. , Pörtner, H. O. ORCID: and Lucassen, M. ORCID: (2016)
Adjustments of molecular key components of branchial ion and pH regulation in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) in response to ocean acidification and warming. ,
Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology B-Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, 193 , pp. 33-46 .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.47473

Conference -Poster
Wohlrab, S. ORCID:, Westphal, S. ORCID:, Neuhaus, S. , Harms, L. ORCID:, Rohner, G. , Cembella, A. and John, U. ORCID: (2016)
“What’s in the bucket and what are they doing?” - Comparative analysis of biodiversity and metatranscriptome patterns of microeukaryotic plankton in three different marine ecosytems. ,
A New Age for Discovery for Aquatic Microeukaryotes, 26 January 2016 - 29 January 2016 .

Sander, L. , Fruergaard, M. , Koch, J. , Johannessen, P. N. and Pejrup, M. (2015)
Sedimentary indications and absolute chronology of Holocene relative sea-level changes retrieved from coastal lagoon deposits on Samsø, Denmark ,
Boreas, 44 (4), pp. 706-720 .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.47560

Kreiß, C. , Michael, K. , Bock, C. ORCID:, Lucassen, M. ORCID: and Pörtner, H. O. ORCID: (2015)
Impact of long-term moderate hypercapnia and elevated temperature on the energy budget of isolated gills of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) ,
Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology A-Molecular & Integrative Physiology, 182 , pp. 102-112 .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.49557

Seifried, J. S. , Wichels, A. ORCID: and Gerdts, G. ORCID: (2015)
Spatial distribution of marine airborne bacterial communities ,
MicrobiologyOpen .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.45271

Conference -Talk
Kegel, J. U. ORCID:, Neuhaus, S. , Egge, E. S. , Sandaa, R. A. , Edvardsen, B. and John, U. ORCID: (2015)
Diversity of haptophytes in the Northern Hemisphere and their co-occurring DNA viruses. ,
ASLO Aquatic Sciences Meeting, Granada, Spain, 22 February 2015 - 27 February 2015 .

Feis, M. , Thieltges, D. , Olsen, J. , de Montaudouin, X. , Jensen, K. , Bazaïri, H. , Culloty, S. and Luttikhuizen, P. (2015)
The most vagile host as the main determinant of population connectivity in marine macroparasites ,
Marine Ecology Progress Series, 520 , pp. 85-99 .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.45128

Sander, L. , Hede, M. U. , Fruergaard, M. , Nielsen, L. , Clemmensen, L. B. , Kroon, A. , Johannessen, P. N. , Nielsen, L. H. and Pejrup, M. (2015)
Coastal lagoons and beach ridges as complementary sedimentary archives for the reconstruction of Holocene relative sea-level changes ,
Terra Nova, 28 (1), pp. 43-49 .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.47782

Thesis -Master
Volz, J. ORCID: (2015)
Reconstruction of the geochemical history of the Anholt Basin, Southern Kattegat, Baltic Sea
Master thesis,

Conference -Poster
Volz, J. ORCID:, Riedinger, N. ORCID:, Hardisty, D. and Kasten, S. ORCID: , Nils Risgaard-Petersen, Bø Barker Jørgensen (2015)
Reconstruction of the geochemical history of the Anholt Basin, Southern Kattegat, Baltic Sea ,
Expedition 347 2nd post-cruise meeting, Södertörn University, Stockholm, 28 September 2015 - 29 September 2015 .

Thesis -PhD
Seifried, J. (2014)
Diversity and dynamics of bacterial populations in marine bioaerosols ,
PhD thesis,

Conference -Poster
Feis, M. E. , Thieltges, D. W. , de Montaudouin, X. , Olsen, J. L. , Jensen, K. T. , Bazaïri, H. , Culloty, S. C. and Luttikhuizen, P. C. , NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, University of Groningen, Station Marine d'Arcachon, Université de Bordeaux, University of Aarhus, Université Mohammed V, University College Cork, AWI (2014)
The most vagile host as the main determinant of population connectivity in marine macroparasites ,
International symposium Ecology and Evolution of Marine Parasites and Diseases, Texel, the Netherlands, 10 March 2014 - 14 March 2013 .

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