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Wolter, L. A. ORCID:, Wietz, M. ORCID:, Ziesche, L. , Breider, S. , Leinberger, J. , Poehlein, A. ORCID:, Daniel, R. ORCID:, Schulz, S. ORCID: and Brinkhoff, T. (2021)
Pseudooceanicola algae sp. nov., isolated from the marine macroalga Fucus spiralis, shows genomic and physiological adaptations for an algae-associated lifestyle ,
Systematic and Applied Microbiology, 44 , p. 126166 .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.2757f919-7538-4d2d-9b2a-7ed5170b05d5

Koch, H. , Germscheid, N. , Freese, H. M. , Noriega-Ortega, B. , Lücking, D. , Berger, M. , Qiu, G. , Marzinelli, E. M. , Campbell, A. H. , Steinberg, P. D. , Overmann, J. , Dittmar, T. , Simon, M. and Wietz, M. ORCID: (2020)
Genomic, metabolic and phenotypic variability shapes ecological differentiation and intraspecies interactions of Alteromonas macleodii ,
Scientific Reports, 10 .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.74ee5926-956d-409f-a33d-15fda96c2db6

Koch, H. , Freese, H. M. , Hahnke, R. L. , Simon, M. and Wietz, M. ORCID: (2019)
Adaptations of Alteromonas sp. 76-1 to Polysaccharide Degradation: A CAZyme Plasmid for Ulvan Degradation and Two Alginolytic Systems ,
Frontiers in Microbiology, 10 .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.a74dea88-57c1-471d-9d32-99d03b6f5b2b

Koch, H. , Dürwald, A. , Schweder, T. , Noriega-Ortega, B. , Vidal-Melgosa, S. , Hehemann, J. H. , Dittmar, T. , Freese, H. M. , Becher, D. , Simon, M. and Wietz, M. ORCID: (2019)
Biphasic cellular adaptations and ecological implications of Alteromonas macleodii degrading a mixture of algal polysaccharides ,
The ISME Journal, 13 , pp. 92-103 .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.905c3526-abf7-46f0-be5c-404b9a809e37

Wietz, M. ORCID:, Lau, S. C. ORCID: and Harder, T. ORCID: (2019)
Editorial: Socio-Ecology of Microbes in a Changing Ocean ,
Frontiers in Marine Science, 6 .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.eb05704d-7733-4268-8ef2-4ac3dfbab079

Bakenhus, I. , Dlugosch, L. , Giebel, H. A. , Beardsley, C. , Simon, M. and Wietz, M. (2018)
Distinct biogeographic patterns of bacterioplankton composition and single-cell activity between the subtropics and Antarctica ,
Environmental Microbiology, 20 , pp. 3100-3108 .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.9be12ff0-0038-4523-b1c3-1aaefc0e69b4

Klotz, F. , Brinkhoff, T. , Freese, H. M. , Wietz, M. ORCID:, Teske, A. , Simon, M. and Giebel, H. A. (2018)
Tritonibacter horizontis gen. nov., sp. nov., a member of the Rhodobacteraceae, isolated from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill ,
International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology, 68 , pp. 736-744 .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.a2f5e3ef-9c9e-4cfc-b426-c51f3dae21f7

Mitulla, M. , Dinasquet, J. , Guillemette, R. , Simon, M. , Azam, F. and Wietz, M. ORCID: (2016)
Response of bacterial communities from California coastal waters to alginate particles and an alginolytic Alteromonas macleodii strain ,
Environmental Microbiology, 18 , pp. 4369-4377 .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.6de4f03e-53e5-4dc2-97ff-9a07d209fb33

Wietz, M. , Wemheuer, B. , Simon, H. , Giebel, H. A. , Seibt, M. A. , Daniel, R. , Brinkhoff, T. and Simon, M. (2015)
Bacterial community dynamics during polysaccharide degradation at contrasting sites in the Southern and Atlantic Oceans ,
Environmental Microbiology, 17 (10), pp. 3822-3831 .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.ff82e09a-afa7-407f-b8b8-d2dedbf4f230

Neumann, A. M. , Balmonte, J. P. , Berger, M. , Giebel, H. A. , Arnosti, C. , Voget, S. , Simon, M. , Brinkhoff, T. and Wietz, M. ORCID: (2015)
Different utilization of alginate and other algal polysaccharides by marine Alteromonas macleodii ecotypes ,
Environmental Microbiology, 17 , pp. 3857-3868 .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.268542a7-ac33-4b01-afcf-48b35aeaae3b

Wietz, M. ORCID:, Millán-Aguiñaga, N. and Jensen, P. R. (2014)
CRISPR-Cas systems in the marine actinomycete Salinispora: linkages with phage defense, microdiversity and biogeography ,
BMC Genomics, 15 , p. 936 .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.4a471406-d792-45d0-a6c2-fb1a315a1456

Wietz, M. ORCID:, Duncan, K. , Patin, N. V. and Jensen, P. R. (2013)
Antagonistic Interactions Mediated by Marine Bacteria: The Role of Small Molecules ,
Journal of Chemical Ecology, 39 , pp. 879-891 .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.ac2b0747-85de-40ca-b84d-f2eed41bd4d0

Nielsen, A. , Mansson, M. , Wietz, M. ORCID:, Varming, A. , Phipps, R. , Larsen, T. , Gram, L. and Ingmer, H. (2012)
Nigribactin, a Novel Siderophore from Vibrio nigripulchritudo, Modulates Staphylococcus aureus Virulence Gene Expression ,
Marine Drugs, 10 , pp. 2584-2595 .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.76784998-5495-408f-9829-1b83ae345a79

Wietz, M. , Månsson, M. , Bowman, J. S. , Blom, N. , Ng, Y. and Gram, L. (2012)
Wide Distribution of Closely Related, Antibiotic-Producing Arthrobacter Strains throughout the Arctic Ocean ,
Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 78 (6), pp. 2039-2042 .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.33bc86d6-3ba8-4bfc-a1d8-674a572edc0f

Wietz, M. ORCID:, Månsson, M. and Gram, L. (2011)
Chitin stimulates production of the antibiotic andrimid in a Vibrio coralliilyticus strain ,
Environmental Microbiology Reports, 3 , pp. 559-564 .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.60f4c001-8b3e-46f5-94bd-23c18c112b0e

Mansson, M. , Nielsen, A. , Kjærulff, L. , Gotfredsen, C. H. , Wietz, M. ORCID:, Ingmer, H. ORCID:, Gram, L. ORCID: and Larsen, T. O. ORCID: (2011)
Inhibition of Virulence Gene Expression in Staphylococcus aureus by Novel Depsipeptides from a Marine Photobacterium ,
Marine Drugs, 9 (12), pp. 2537-2552 .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.e3180d53-986b-4c1b-9c23-c8dd91662690

Wietz, M. , Mansson, M. , Gotfredsen, C. H. , Larsen, T. O. and Gram, L. (2010)
Antibacterial Compounds from Marine Vibrionaceae Isolated on a Global Expedition ,
Marine Drugs, 8 (12), pp. 2946-2960 .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.6a5e45c5-daed-4edb-98d3-c8421d37412d

Wietz, M. , Hall, M. R. and Høj, L. (2009)
Effects of seawater ozonation on biofilm development in aquaculture tanks ,
Systematic and Applied Microbiology, 32 (4), pp. 266-277 .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.3cd73ca5-7869-4c4f-9cce-96615ab0390a


Wietz, M. , Månsson, M. , Vynne, N. G. and Gram, L. (2013)
Small-Molecule Antibiotics from Marine Bacteria and Strategies to Prevent Rediscovery of Known Compounds ,
In: Marine Microbiology: Bioactive Compounds and Biotechnological Applications, Marine Microbiology: Bioactive Compounds and Biotechnological Applications .
doi: , hdl:10013/epic.56e3d1aa-025f-4292-a90f-a5860c84d098


Conference -Talk
Wietz, M. ORCID:, Metfies, K. ORCID:, von Appen, W. J. ORCID:, Torres-Valdes, S. ORCID:, Cardozo, M. , Bienhold, C. ORCID: and Boetius, A. ORCID: (2020)
Year-round Microbial Community Dynamics in the Arctic Ocean (Fram Strait; LTER Hausgarten) ,
Ocean Sciences Meeting, San Diego, USA, 16 February 2020 - 21 February 2020 .

Conference -Talk
von Appen, W. J. ORCID:, Bergmann, M. ORCID:, Bienhold, C. ORCID:, Bracher, A. ORCID:, Iversen, M. ORCID:, Metfies, K. ORCID:, Niehoff, B. ORCID:, Nöthig, E. M. ORCID:, Purser, A. ORCID:, Salter, I. ORCID:, Torres-Valdes, S. ORCID:, Wenzhöfer, F. ORCID:, Wietz, M. ORCID: and Boetius, A. ORCID: (2020)
The seasonal cycle of physical, biogeochemical and biological properties in the marginal ice zone in the Fram Strait: differences in sea ice conditions during the growth phase lead to different carbon production and export patterns ,
Ocean Sciences Meeting, San Diego, USA, 16 February 2020 - 21 February 2020 .

Conference -Poster
Janssen, F. ORCID:, Bienhold, C. ORCID:, Bergmann, M. ORCID:, Boetius, A. ORCID:, Bracher, A. ORCID:, Iversen, M. , Kanzow, T. , Liu, Y. ORCID:, Loebl, M. , Metfies, K. ORCID:, Niehoff, B. , Noethig, E. M. ORCID:, Purser, A. , Soltwedel, T. ORCID:, Torres-Valdes, S. ORCID:, von Appen, W. J. ORCID:, Wenzhöfer, F. ORCID:, Wietz, M. ORCID: and FRAM, T. (2019)
Observing infrastructure FRAM: Year-round multidisciplinary and multi-platform observations to understand global change effects in Arctic ecosystems ,
OceanObs'19 conference, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, 16 September 2019 - 20 September 2019 .

Conference -Poster
Janssen, F. ORCID:, Buttigieg, P. ORCID:, Metfies, K. ORCID:, Mowlem, M. , Robidart, J. , Salter, I. ORCID:, Wietz, M. and Wolf, C. (2019)
Building capacities for ’omics’ observations in the ocean at high spatiotemporal resolution ,
EGU General Assembly 2019, Vienna, Austria, 7 April 2019 - 12 April 2019 .


Wietz, M. ORCID: , AWIs4Future (2020)
Polar Gardening im AWI Hausgarten - Ökosystem Arktis im Wandel ,

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